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What We Do: Welcome

Our Vision

Education is an indispensable condition for every individual's development and therefore we aspire to create and promote educational excellence, character development. We aim to transform the educational achievement of nation's young people and elevate their life chances in areas of social and economic deprivation from all backgrounds.Our vision ensures ambition and high aspiration to be rewarded to nurture today's young people and inspire tomorrow's leaders. 

Our Approach

We have a unique approach for the working and execution of the trust. After quite a research, we understood that people who donate are unaware of how their resources are being utilized.

Our work is very transparent. People who donate are subscribed to us and receive a full report with details of where and on whom their resources are being utilized. Along with this report an attachment of receipts directly on their name from the respected school or organisation where the kid is being educated or has purchased stationary, uniform, etc.

In addition they can directly approach about any query. 

Registration, Press & Media Release

We are registered with the registration no. F-24858 under the Charitable Commission, Aurangabad - Maharashtra.

What We Do: Project
What We Do: Project
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